Monthly Archives: June 2015

1 Weird Trick to keep kids in Maine

Recently 2016 presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee was asked to clarify–or given the chance to walk back–a joke he made about being transgender. The former Arkansas Governor instead doubled down on his comment saying, “What people talk to me about is…not some cultural issue. People talk to me about the loss of their job.” In other […]

This local barber just retired to open a different kind of head shop

The Cornerstone Barbershop on Exchange Street in Bangor is an old-school barbershop. A classic red, white, and blue barber’s pole turns out front while electric trimmers buzz inside. The waiting area is filled with men whose hair is imperceptibly–but evidently–too long. It’s a place that, as life zooms by on the street, time stands still, […]