Guest Blog: It’s time to call Pluto a planet again (by my 8-year-old daughter)

Chase's bookmark

Chase’s bookmark

[NOTE: Today the spacecraft New Horizons will fly by Pluto, taking pictures and gathering data on the one-time ninth planet of our solar system. In 2006 scientists decided to revoke Pluto’s planetary status, renaming it a dwarf planet and making countless children’s models of the solar system obsolete. What follows is a guest blog written by my daughter, Chase, who is eight years old (She also designed a bookmark for the Bangor Public Library’s Summer Reading Program which is a great resource for kids in the area). For some reason this impassioned plea takes place in Hawaii.]

Aloha Hawaiian scientists, I would like you to name Pluto a planet again. It has a right to be a planet. You can’t just call it a dwarf planet, it is unfair. Also, Pluto, like every other planet, was here long before people. It’s millions of years old. It’s like a baby telling you that you can’t be a person anymore, you have to be a dwarf person. Small people are still people, like my friends Sadie and Kelsey. They’re small, but they’re still people. That is my conclusion. Please consider making Pluto a planet again. Thank you.

[Your move, astronomers.]

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