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Is Maine in Canada?

In season 7, episode 4 of the cult comedy “Trailer Park Boys,” Bubbles, the show’s cat-loving moral compass with Coke-bottle glasses, is stranded outside his Canadian homeland. Desperate for help he makes a collect call back to Nova Scotia. “Julian!” he shouts into the payphone, “I’m in Bangor, Maine!” For many people in the Canadian […]

How to cope with the end of summer

“No regrets.” -Tim Riggins, Friday Night Lights Something hard to miss happens every spring. Unlike Easter or Washington’s birthday, the date isn’t fixed, but it’s still a cause for celebration. It’s the first warm day. Usually sometime in March, suddenly it’s 50 or better. The sun is out. Not the low, blinding sun of February, […]

Maine’s got Moxie

By the time I started going to John Bapst in 1989 most of the corporeal punishment accepted while it was a Catholic school was a thing of the past. For better or worse (better) you can’t rap children’s knuckles with a ruler to guide them in learning anymore. There were some holdovers, however. A Latin […]

1 Weird Trick to keep kids in Maine

Recently 2016 presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee was asked to clarify–or given the chance to walk back–a joke he made about being transgender. The former Arkansas Governor instead doubled down on his comment saying, “What people talk to me about is…not some cultural issue. People talk to me about the loss of their job.” In other […]